I will honestly pay someone $20 to tab these two songs! I will mail you a check when I get them, they are:

Montrose, All I Need

The Who, Naked Eye
(The one I really want is the live version off the Who's Next Extended or 30yrs of Max R&B, the solo is phenomenal)

lol u know there are services like these right? u dont reli have to ask us. lol
I, too, would like to know where I can find a reliable tabbing service. I've contacted five different services over the past month to tab a song and either they haven't returned my email or they've returned my email once and then disappeared.

If ANYONE knows of a reliable, professional tab service, I'd really appreciate it.
sorry bro, i seen those services before but i dont know how reliable they are, cuz i never tried them out before. if i ever come across them i'll post it up or something.
Guess what...I figured out the chords to All I Need (killer song....)

And I found this dude (google: guitar tab services) who transcribes solos and all at $45/hr and it comes out either as a tab or standard notation, with a brick of gold...jk no gold but cool option wayyyyy to pricey for me. I'll just spend all weekend trying to figure out some of this.

EDIT- I would still pay $20 to do spend an entire weekend on this...
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