Just name some guitarists/songs that use these pedals, thanks a ton.
John Frusciante of the Red Hot Chili Peppers uses them for tons of his solos.
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"dead leaves and the dirty ground" by the white stripes, for the big muff.

and i highly recommend it.
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'Dead Leaves...' By White Stripes is a great example of a Big Muff. First thing i played when i got it
Which ever Kirkwood played guitar in the Meat Puppets used it pretty extensively.

Try Backwater - MP

Also, Dinosaur Jr. --though it'll be harder to distinguish because Mascis runs about a hundred different stompboxes at once.

^^^ The BMP that is.
Vai doesn't and never has used the DS-1 (modded or stock) as his main source of distortion. He uses it for a boost.
well if you like nirvana:

DS-1 is used on Smells like teen spirit
Big Muff is used on Lithium
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