hey been learning back in black, yes just started on my guitar journey. Well the bit that goes after the first 3 chords.

something like.

-----------------2^ 0-----

I cant seem to get it to sound like how it should, kinda all together sorta thing?

Is this just down to practicing over and over again to get super fast, or is there a picking technique im missing. should the note ring out because it seems like im muting the e when I go to next one I think, anyways if anyone can help that would be great
from 3 to 0 its a hammer off. on the 2, you bend up then back down, then hammer off for the 0. hope that helps some
Well, part of the sound that comes from that lick in the album is the classic AcDc sound Young gets with his gear. You should also be doing up and down picking, known as alternate picking.

there we go....... fixed
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yeah it should go...


p= pull off
b= bend
r= return bend

do a pull off right after you release the bend. this is how i do it
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hammer off, lol.

i had trouble with the back in black riff when i was just starting out too. i think it's mostly just a finger strength/comfortability thing. keep playing other things with bends and your fingers will get strong enough for that last bend to sound natural.

but no, you should not be letting the noted ring through other notes
yea I dont have any problems with the bends or anything. It just didnt sound right playing each note, sounds alot better now pulling off. silly tab I was looking at just showed to play the open string. I guess now I gotta just get faster thanks alot
yea on second thought I still not getting it right, maybe its just because of its not the same sound as mentioned above
Yea, but you might be going too fast, that particular lick isn't really fast.
i alternate pick each note. in my opinion it took a tad bit more work but sounded better in the long run.