Asking for $475 shipped.

This is insane, so buy it before I change my mind.

Retails for $850.

Might consider a MIM + Cash or MIA Stratocaster + My Cash (depends on year) for a trade. Will trade straight up for reverse headstock Stratocaster.

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you'll take 475 or an american strat. you're hilarious. Tell ya what, buy two MIA's at that price and resell the one for the other's cost. you'll then play for FREE!
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RGT42EXFX is a very good guitar, I have an RGT42FX, same guitar, but just the different pickups, Ibanez Infinitys - and it still ****ing rocks.
would you ship that to canada? i would love to take that beauty off your hands

PM sent
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would you be interested for a trade for a Schecter A-7 Avenger w/ Dimarzio PAf7 and D-Activator7 pickups? it's also got graphtech saddles, grover tuners, a carved top mahogany body, and a maple neck. let me know if you're interested, maybe we can work out a deal.