Hey everyone! So I started playing with a trio, playing mosly classic/hard rock/ blues based stuff. We go in to a few other genres at times but the basis is mostly that. Well, since theres only one guitar I really want to beef up my sound, make it thicker and more "in your face". I have a Fender Hotrod Deville 410, A Gibson Les Paul Custom and a Tonebone Classic Distortion. Any ideas? Iw as thinking adding a delay set to one repeat, mostly for solos really. Any other suggestions?
yeah man i have a three piece and the trick is to dial in that perfect delay and a touch of reverb (depending on what youre playing) watch the band of gypsys dvd
Mabey try a sonic stomp Sonic Maximizer. Really adds punch and definition to your sound.
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The best way to make your sound thicker is to use more speakers. You could get a 2x12 cabinet and hook it up to your amp.