Here's another video of me and my buddies playing at my school.
Hope you like it! There were some mistakes due to our nervousnes and the guitars are a bit out of tune but it could have gone worse


Thanks for watching
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man you are just whipping out covers...

killer tone on the lead guitar. nice cover too.

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Nice work, you are really doing some great covers.
I've also looked at some of your other covers, they are all great. The Call of Ktulu, The Unforgiven, Fade to Black and Nothing Else Matters.

Rock on!
im listening now, the tone is pretty nice..though the drums were a little too loud at times..pretty nice playing too with few mistakes..try an work on the solo a bit more, it was out of time in some parts, but overall really nice..the notes could have been played a little cleaner too..but keep it up this is pretty good..
please crit mine too
if ya get the chance..its in my profile
maybe, its only me but your guitars were maybe out of tune... anyway, the cover was great. You could use a little work on the solo, but you still did a pretty good job on it.
It's actually not bad. A bit out of time in the beginning but you picked up the pace. There's a bit of slopiness on the electric but honestly, i'm just being too critical. You guys did a great job!
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