Hay, my apologies if this is in the wrong part of the forums.

I have a problem, and I have no idea how it happened, but as I went to pull my cable out of my AMP, the metal head tip from the part that actually goes into the hole got stuck in the socket of my amp. I just pulled the cable out and realized that the metal tip was gone, and now when I put in a different cable, it doesn't go all the way in because the small little metal head tip is inside the socket. You guys know what I mean?

I was wondering if there is anyway to take it out? Or if anybody has had this happen to them?

EDIT: To sort of give you a better idea of what part of the cable is stuck in the amp socket i'll explain: You know how the metal part that goes into the socket is made up of 2 parts, the shaft, and then the nob (like a penis). Well, its the nob part that some how got pulled off and got stuck inside the amp socket. (Hope that helped).
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Get a magnet that fits in your jack plug? Or a pencil with blu-tack on the end, its your call.
haha, I just hope anything I try to put in there to get it out doesn't become stuck in there also. Thanks guys, i'm going to look for a powerful magnet, and some of that crazy glue!
If you can replace the input Jack. Easy to do on some amps.
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Just leave it in there. It is preventing the spread of crappy tone...
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Just leave it in there. It is preventing the spread of crappy tone...

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If the jack is metal, there's a good chance the contacts are open on the opposite side. If the piece of the plug is small enough, it might fall into the inside of the amp and should be fished out.

If it's a plastic jack, it's likely closed on the back and the piece has to come out through the input hole.

I had a Vox AD30VT with a plastic jack that was actually soldered to a small circuit board. Harder to replace.
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yeah, its soldered on to a circuit board, I opened it all up and there was no back way in. The only way it can come out is from the front.