Because I knew
The pain is just too much to take
Because of you
My heart cries every single day
You say it’s all in the past
And now all I can do
Is struggle to be content
Just when I think I finally let the memories fade
I relapse into the pain
Because I knew
my denial became so strong
I thought lying to my self would get me through
But here comes you with the truth
And the pain of what you have done to me
And now I know I’ll never be the same I again
How could I love you after all you put me through?
Am I blind am I a fool for trusting you
Some might say I’m depressed
It’s true the memories
They hurt me every single day
All because I knew

its not in song format yet. I don't have much confudence in it. which means I should get a second opinion on it I guess.