I'm considering this:


I like the idea, the size is plenty big for me, seems much easier and casual than a hardcore flight case, which is what my father-in-law is wanting me to get. I could get an extra pedal with my savings too. He says get this:


So, I'm wondering, am I going to regret getting the Gator Tote? It's not like I'm ever going to be flying, but I don't know how much protection that foam on the Gator has. This is for my acoustic rig, so more than anything I'm afraid of looking like a total poser with a hardcore flight case pedal board and my acoustic guitar.
Looking after your pedals properly is not being a poser. Buying a case specifically to look cool is being a poser. Who cares what other people think.
I've got quite possibly the biggest pedal flightcase that is made without being personally customised.

Its over a meter by half a meter, weighs an absolute ton.
Its not being posy at all, my dad brought a soft case one, and so wishes he had one like mine,
I spend a lot of money on my effects so i'm going to keep them as safe as possible, if people think i'm a poser, F*** em
I have the gator tote and like it... The bottom is totally protect its just the top that isn't. So you would have to really screw up to mess it up. Plus pedals are designed to be stomped on... So i honestly don't thing anything is going to happen to them.. Unless you drop it down a flight of stairs or something...