I just played one the other day, I'm interested in looking around but haven't been able to find much out, it was an 05' AS model.. I didn't get a chance to plug it in, but unplugged it sounded really nice, really thick and rich tone, better than most acoustics i've played (although my experience with them is limited).

Anyone know more about them?
There are several models within that category, and all sound gorgeous. Some others you might want to try out if you have a Gibson dealer (they can't sell Epiphones unless they are Gibson dealers as well.) are the Broadway, the Broadway Elitest, the Casino models, and the ES 137 that Epi makes.

Or, you would also do well to try some of the Ibanez guitars, which are well noted for the same tone you describe. Last week, for instance, I traded off one of my favorite guitars, a Guild Starfire IV to get an Ibanez AF75TDG, plus a few pickups, books, and other things I needed. It has the best Jazz tone you can for less than $1500! Every one of my friends that has played this has hated to let go of it. Plays like a dream, and I'm not even through setting it up yet. Intonation was perfect out of the box, but the action is just a bit higher than I like, and since I'm a luthier, I can do it myself. Look it up on the net. Street price is about $549 or so.

Good luck hunting!