Hi, I just started playing bass alittle while ago and I was looking for some help on amp settings. I play a Squier Jazz Bass and just have a small practice peavy amp. It has two channels, vintage and modern. Anyways I was looking on some help on where to set my tone and gain and what not. Im looking for a deep funky sound. Reminicient of some RCHP Any help would be great! Thanks!
how about getting a better bass and amp?
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Go on modern
set it to these settings
Bass 9
treb 3
mid 7
presence 1
if theres a gain know put it at the setting were theres no overdrive or anything like that
and you should try that out
very good for RCHP
My avitar is the front of my bass
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My avitar is the front of my bass


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Now depending on where your mid frequency is located, you'll be best with some, but not a lot of them.
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My avitar is the front of my bass

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