So I have a Jaguar that I love the feel of, but the sound needs changed a bit. The the single coil sound tone is great, but the EQ settings of 5/3/9 (bass, mid, and treb respectively) are way too lopsided for me. I want to find somthing more balanced, to bring out the cleans that I love in this guitar, take a little surf out and bring more jazz in. My guitar hero is Trey Anastasio, I'm not out to immitate his sound completely, but thats a ballpark. I little higher output would also be nice, but far second to clean sound. What do you perscribe, oh powerful UG? (and no, somebody told me to change the EQ on my amp, thats not what im talking about, pickups have EQ's too, and therein lies the problem.)
My attempt at gear-
Fender Jaguar (limited edition Cream with gold hardware.)
Goya Rangemaster (1967 Italian Archtop)
Martin SWDGT Acoustic.
Vox AD50VT.
Ibanez Tubescreamer, Wasabi Delay, MXR BLUE BOX.