hey, im debating on a new guitar. im 13, a pretty new player, and im on a budget of about 430$ The epiphone les paul standard is 410$ i have short fingers, so i dunno if that makes a difference in a les paul or not. the ibanez i was looking at was 380$. Thoughts or comments? please let me know. thanks!
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my middle finger is 3.1 inches measuring from the back... if that makes a difference
You would be safer with the Ibanez, thinner necks, really fast. You really should go try some out in stores instead of ordering online, unless you already have one guitar at home you like.
I don't know this for sure but I think the Epi Standard has the equivalent of the Gibson 50's neck, which is thick. It can be a fast neck but it takes some major adaptations in technique.
Comfort is a matter of personal preference, those two necks are as opposite at could be. Some people find that flat backed Ibanez neck to feel funny, some people find Epi necks to feel like baseball bats.
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ok, are epi les paul necks and gibson les paul necks the same size?

I doubt they're the exact same size, but they're very similar. You really need to play the guitars for yourself to get a feel for them. I personally prefer Ibanez for their thin, flat necks. Suits my style and preferences best. I've got a LP, but I rarely play it. I don't like how small and bulky they are, plus I'm not a fan of finished necks.
Lower end Ibanez's tend to be ****. I think you would like the Les Paul better since you have small hands. Its just a good guitar to learn on. You can't go wrong with the LP. But if you can, try them out first at a local shop.
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The lower end Ibanez do indeed tend to be crap, worse than the Epis of the same price (thought hose cheap Epis are bad too). But that's true of any guitar really; every brand has crap cheap guitars. Just don't buy crap, simple as that.

As far as the differences go, the Epi will be more versatile, the Ibanez will be more for metal, maybe hard rock. Technically you could use it for even say, blues, but it wouldn't be the most suitable guitar for it.

Neck-wise, the Epi's neck will be thicker from front to back, but of course the shorter scale of the LP might be easier for you to use if your fingers aren't that big. So you need to weight up short scale vs thicker neck.
This really depends on what kind of guitar you want. Try both of them out and try a bunch of other ones too.

Gibson has different necks, 50's, 60's. Try the Gibson Slim Taper Necks, I'm probably wrong, but the Epiphone neck probably is a tiny bit larger, but I'm not sure, I haven't played an Epiphone Les Paul in a few weeks.
I've got an Ibanez RG350DX and an Epiphone Les Paul Custom.

If it came down to it I think I'd keep the Les Paul. I just find it more versatile. The neck on the Ibanez is great though.

Really just sit down with both and try em out.
I'd go for an Ibanez for the same reasons as the people above. I just don't like the feel of the Epi neck... sorta bend back towards your body instead of straight.
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a have a cheap epi and it was very good for the money i was paying they do have bulky necks so if you want to play fast your best of with the ibanez
id also agree with the other guys, the ibanez is aimed towards metal and hard rock
and the epi is very versatile
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