Right, I've got myself an earthing problem it seems.

I've fitted some Seymour Duncan Hotrails (Stacked Humbuckers) to my single-pickup Gibson Melody Maker, and I'm getting a very loud hum that only goes away when I touch the strings, the pickup itself or the bridge.

Can somebody who has a Melody Maker and has modified the pups before tell me where I'm meant to connect everything as this is really pissing me off. I've soldered the red and white together and taped them off. The green and bare are soldered to the back of the top pot. The black is soldered onto the connector of the top pot that has a wire that goes to the connector on the bottom pot.

Hulp pleash!
Quote by thewho65
You might need to get the pickup wax-coated. That usually stops all excess noise.

SOME excess noise. Definately not ALL.

Noise will occur at high volumes, or when youre using high gain, bad equipment, or unwaxed pickups.
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well their probabally already potted arent they?

If they are just try looking over the connections again and re taping the wires