I understand the beginner stuff like nirvana, greenday, sum 41 and all of them but it doesnt cut it for me. I need something more "hardcore" I guess you could say. If there are any of those please let me know.
symphony of destruction - megadeth?
besides the solo :P

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Ok everyone, who do you think is the heaviest band? Personally I think As I Lay Dying is the heaviest
Iron Man!!!!
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fade to black isn't teribbly(sp?) hard.
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If you know how to tune down to sharps and flats, then some System of a Down is pretty easy.
Not good for people who have only been playing for less than 3 months, but Iron Maiden is pretty easy to play. Same with Black sabbath.
the first metal song i learned thoroughly was the trooper by maiden
then for whom the bells tolls
try paranoid
Yeah, for some reason Iron Maiden's stuff is pretty easy, but it sounds hard. Some of the first full songs I learned were Paranoid, NIB, and Sugar by SoaD.
Iced Earth - 1776 My first song all the way through
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Some maiden songs, not a lot are easy. Just because the main riff is easy doesn't make the song easy, as far as I'm concerned maiden has some very hard solos.
There aren't really any EASY metal songs, they pretty much all require you to have some basic competence with the guitar.
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I guess he's right. But it depends how you define easy. Easy as in JUST starting guitar, then no there isn't. Easy as in playing for a couple of months, yes...tons of them.
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metallica - for whom the bell tolls, first full song i learned

That song is extremely easy. so yeah, that would be good.
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Some maiden songs, not a lot are easy. Just because the main riff is easy doesn't make the song easy, as far as I'm concerned maiden has some very hard solos.
Maiden's solos are generally pretty hard and fast, but their riffs aren't usually too bad.
Demon Hunter has several easy songs, just go search Demon Hunter's guitar tabs here on UG and you should be able to fine several that arent hard, ie. Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck; I Play Dead, My Heartstrings Come Undone, etc.
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Sweet pee by SoaD.
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learn paranoid
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Iron Man!!!!

Iron Man was the first song i ever learned through...pretty easy good ol' black sabbath metal song
I saw a lot of SOAD songs mentioned and since they're my favorite band and I know a lot about they're music I'll throw in my thoughts about them. If you're going to want easier songs from them then stick to their first two albums. SOAD's guitar is normally in drop c for the first two albums. Their guitar is pretty easy and straight foward, but it is mostly rhythm so it can get repetative and also it what makes SOAD's music hard is that it's usually played pretty fast (kind of hard to get it if you're new to guitar). So I'll add to the list of SOAD songs already mentioned: Roulette (acoustic, but SOAD's easiest song to play. It's fun and sounds nice), Toxicity (pretty easy, probably their most famous for guitarists), Spiders (slow and really easy), Bounce (repetative rhythm, fast but simple), Aerials (another popular song, probably next easiest behind Roulette, very easy), Mr. Jack (easy and fun, but no good tabs out there), Violent Pornography (from Mezmerize so it's in drop d). Just to give you an idea of their easiest songs if you were looking to give them a try
Addition to above...

Old School Hollywood

Wow... 90% of SOAD's stuff is easy... thats kinda funny, and the songs that aren't easy... are easy after a good amount of practice. Hmm.. never noticed that before, lol.
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