I might be purchasing one of these (probably the 250). What exactly are all the effects and how good do they sound? It says theres like 50 some effects but I can't find a specific list of anything. Also, how does the pedal-to-computer recording sound? Any other thoughts on the pedal?

The main reason I'm looking into this is because I'd like a few effects such as wah, whammy, and some more things to play around with from time-to-time without spending a fortune. Is this the pedal for me? The USB direct out type thing looks like it could prove itself useful. The amp models and stuff could revolutionise my tone... the computery stuff I can nerd around with... The drum tracks look cool. So, is this a good pedal to buy?
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most multi's have the standards, such as flange, phase, deley, chorus ect... but one thing i have noticed is that only on high end multi effects do the wah and distortions actually sound decent, so if you want to go major wah, dont get the rp, idk to say about whammy though...
dude I have the 350, its sick man. everything about it is good. when you plug it into the comp you can edit patches sooooo much better and download patches from digitech. very nice pedal
Their real nice

Probably the clearest and cleanest modelers i've heard. The thing I liked about the Rp350 was the noise gate actually worked well.
I really enjoy the RP250, it's reasonably priced and sounds great. I keep it in my room without an amp, at night I just plug my iPod's headphones into it and play. It's very nice, couple that with X-Edit and maybe Audacity or some other free recording program and you got a handy recording rig.