well, i've now got my marshall jmp and have a 15 or so year old cabinet with 4 celestion g12-50's at 16 Ohms each. What am i supposed to set my amp on for it to work properly? I'm kind of new to this sort of thing. Any help would be appreciated!
how are the speakers wired? are you familiar with both series and parallel wiring?
It says absolutely nothing on the cab. all that i know is that it was made by Sonic about 15 years ago and it's got the celestions. There are two input jacks though if that helps.
my camera isn't working right now but i just opened it up and can try to describe it to you.

The wire from the input jack splits to the two top speakers and from each speaker there is a wire connecting it to the two adjacent to it.

|\ .. / |
O----O (Kind of like this) The 2 .. are the imput jacks
try teh marsahll website. I know that sounds a little to simple.....but Ampeg's tech support answered all questions about loads, and cabs, ohms, how to not set **** on fire, etc, when I stepped up to much more powerful bass amp.