ok so i play alot of metal and i really like all that remain's sound and need an amp that will allow me to reach there sound.

im deciding between a valveking 112 and a 400-500 dollar randall (all that remains plays randalls)

idk if the valveking is hi enough gain all help is appreciated

im using an esp kh-202 and a metal muff
i would say get the randall,
to me the valveking has the gain for metal, but doesn't have the tone for it.
bought the valve king had no distortion
don't know about the randall but if you like what they play get it
Which randall amp?
I would assume All That Remains plays the better randalls.
So, I recommend the RG50TC.

^If the valveking had no distortion, you're doing it wrong.
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I think you should check out other guitar amps and find your own sound. If your playing metal you should look at Crate Blue Voodoo. They have great metal tone and they are cheap. Like $350.00 on E-bay for a good used one. I have a B.V.120 and it rocks. A lot of people dont like them because its made by crate. Thats stupid. They have never played one then. They have a great dark rich tone that is punchy and responsive. also check out the new Bugera 6262. They are modeled after the 5150 and have an exellent metal tone. $800.00 for the head andf the cab. All the parts are made in house so they are cheap. They have 7 gain stages. they ****ing rock man. The Valveking is a good amp....not for metal though. t=They are to thick and lack the definition of a good metal amp. Or you could just save up and get a Bogner Ubershall. Im getting one this weekend. They are the best ever made in my opinon. I play metal to and they sound like a nuclear explosion. Amazing.
I liked the Blue Voodoos. You could use the Valveking for metal, some do. Its great for my classic rock/blues, but I don't play metal. I'm a midrange freak. Randalls have a good rep on UG (never played one) and the Bogners seem to be legendary among boutique amp buyers, but be aware some of the cork-sniffers (term used with respect) also hate them.
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you're doing it wrong.

That's what she said!
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