If im using a metrenome, how fast should I be practicing the chromatic? After about an hour I am on 140 bpm. Should i raise it or practice at the same speed?

Should my fingers be coming in contact with the other strings when I play the notes?
keep it the same speed until you're really accurate at that speed. then when you feel comfortable, raise it up.

and no, your fingers should only touch the string you're picking unless you're doing chords or muting or something like that.
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It doesn't matter as long as you practice at a speed that you can play things accurately. That goes for everything. Besides, there's no point busting a gut to push the speed of one boring exercise up - that won't improve your all-round ability, it'll just make you fast at playing chromatics, which isn't really of any great use to you.
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What would be some scales geared towards a begginer?

Major, natural minor and minor pentatonic.
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