This was composed a long time ago, back when I had dislocated my elbow and one hand to do much of anything... so that's where the drums came from. Back then, I had to loop one sound effect over and over to create the beats I wanted... I can't play the drum set very well as it is... but I recorded each separately and used them just right... so it worked. After I got out of my cast and gained mobility again, I continued and added all the other instruments and effects. There are no sound fonts used in this song, however, there is a tiny bit of a synthesizer and I edited some of the drum wavelength attributes to generate some "special" sounds that are found on other percussion instruments that I just didn't have to use.

So yeah, I hope you enjoy, and the file's in my profile. I don't know how to pull up the URL for that, because I'm new. (I'm new in regards that when I made my account back in the day, I never really used it...)

Please provide me with feedback!