i have a schecter schecter c1 plus (which is broken)
i want my new guitar to be similar in-

-body shape,
-and feel of the neck-it has like a kind of glossy shiny finish on the back of the neck
-no tremelo system

i play mostly hardcore/metal music

i was looking at
- jackson Pro Series DK2T Dinky
- ESP LTD H-500
- ESP MH-400NT
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martin DX1 (acoustic)
johnson (crappy strat. knock off starter guitar)
I'd suggest the dinky. It's MIJ, so of course it's gonna be built well, it has good pups, and 24 frets. Try before you buy, though.
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how is it broken?
is it fixable for a reasonable price?

if it isn't, the jackson is a good choice.
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