Originally from the Illdjarn is Dead release. Translated from it's initial illegible state by the nerds at ANUS.

I've never listened to Illdjarn, but if there's any fans here they might want to look at it. IMO it's a bunch of bullshit angsty ranting with no real justification.
Ildjarn is a good musician, skilled composer, and an now apparently an eloquent writer.

To bad he's to be another elitist faux-intellectual nutjob who takes the 'horrible' supposed bastardization of 'extreme' music way to seriously.
Are you saying you've read through all of this?
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what does it say

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Quote by Raziel2p
Are you saying you've read through all of this?

I skimmed through most of it.
I skimmed through a bit (no idea who Illdjarn is though) and it looks like he has a fetish for innocent teenage vegans. Haha. I told myself I would never refuse to listen to bands on the basis of their lyrics but I really can't bring myself to listen to anything these NSBM (I'm assuming he's part of a NSBM band) people do.
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