i have a boss br 600 recorder and i only have 2 inputs on it for mics. is there a way i can take a mixer that i use for a pa system and plug my mics into that and somehow connect it to my boss. could someone tell me if this is possible and how to do it.
Sure, it'll just be a stereo input. Put the microphones to the mixer, then take the mixer's main outs and plug them into the stereo line-ins. You'll need two XLR-TRS cables.
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could you explain to me what a elr-trs cable is

It adapts a female XLR connector (google it) to a male TRS connector (google it).

You probably won't need it though, plenty of mixers have TRS outputs, so only two male TRS to male TRS cables are required. That's two guitar 'patch' cables.
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