Can anyone tell me some good easy songs to start to learn? I already know how to play the strokes seven nation army. I like alternative music just to let you know if that helps you make your choice. I would also be happy to take any suggestions as to how to start to learn guitar and so on. Thanks guys
Greenday - Brain Stew was a great starter for me.


Staind- Outside if you know that song..

Linkin Park- Little things give you away

that's all I can think of right now..
The Strokes didn't do Seven Nation Army.
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iron man (simple versoin)
smoke on the water (simple)
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You should learn either Beast and the Harlot by Avenged Sevenfold or Woman by Wolf Mother. Those are the first songs i learned. They're pretty easy but the Beast and the Harlot solo i would not reccomend trying to learn at such an early phase.
the most important thing is to get a good teacher and learn theory, (dont listen to anyone who tells you lessons are bad). you'll learn how everything works musically and you'll be a much better musician in the longrun. you'll get to a point where you dont even have to look at tabs to learn songs, and writing music will come more naturally to you.

oh and i dont know if thats a typo, but seven nation army is not by the strokes haha

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white stripes did seven nation army but for whom the bell tolls lnyard skynard has alot good riffs to get goin on ( i know i ****ed up the spelling)
I suggest you learn whom the bell tolls, since it'll introduce you to powerchords, palmuting, and single noted riffs between 2 strings.
Get a good music teacher and take lessons too. It really helps a lot when someone is there in person to show you what to do.
Enter Sandman is a great begginer song it is pretty easy but I would wait to learn the solo and any Yellowcard or Linkin Park song