what are the chords? maybe i could suggest a scale type thing.
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Just arpeggiate more complex chords over what's going down.

Use your ear to make sure you aren't gonna be playing any clashy notes with anyone you're jamming with.

Just be free. Think of it like a coloring book. Use basic triadic tones as your lines, then color in the blanks with other notes.
These are all awesome suggestions. But some cases I mean like over a bassline (Kind of like in Funkadelic's Red Hot Mama and/or Vital Juices) But something like I-ii or I-V, it really depends on the chord progression I'm using at the moment.
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Anyone have suggestions for soloing over a one or two chord vamp?

Play modes, and you will sound more interesting. If the vamp is simple enough it will work, if not, it will resolve to a major or minor.
Do you have experience soloing over normal chord progressions? If not, go do that for a while. Search 'melodic control' on videogoogle, look in the Sticky FAQ here for some pointers on how to play.

Playing over vamps is hard. You don't want to go lick after lick, because that would sound way too random. You don't want to go a lick like 1231 2342 3453 4564 etc, because that would sound dull. You have to find a mix between them, find a nice lick and hang on that for a while, twisting and turning it in a lot of ways before it goes to the next lick. Also, focus a bit on chord tones on the downbeats. It's not like you have to play a chord tone every downbeat, but it helps a bit to create more stability in your solo.

To sum it up: it's hard as hell.
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Without changes to give motion, the soloist has to do it himself. Play melodies. Create motifs and elaborate them. A trained monkey can follow changes and play right notes. It really takes a lot of practice and "other" to play well over static harmony.

...A bit less wild of a take on the same harmony

Since you don't have the harmonic development that you get from complex progressions, I find it help to use the melody to add extensions onto the chords be played. By doing that, you can control the tensions and resolution of the chords and make it far more interesting.
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Get modal!
It's much easier to use modes when playing over a vamp than over changes. Try some weirder scales too.
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Create motifs and elaborate them.


Many of the best solos have been developed from small 2 or 3 note motifs that are developed by the soloist through out the solo until they reach a point where they have put together motifs with motifs to create semi phrases, phrases and finally full solos which are coherent.

I haven't played much over two chord vamps but I'd assume it become even more important to develop your motifs well because of the fact that there aren't more complex changes to guide you and to "shape" your solo.