I dont really know what to name it. Anyways, it can be found at here , and its called "String Quartet". Hope you all enjoy it, I know I do! C4C and all that jazz!
Thought you deserved some feedback.


00:00 - 00:34.. It sounds good, but I kinda have the feeling that the melody ""wanders" a bit to much.. some of the notes I would have liked to be ringing out a bit longer.

00:34 - 00:58 IMO its like its missing something.. the pizzicato strings sounds a bit too stiff and like its kinda stumbling at places.. I don't really get a flowing vibe from it

00:58 - END .. nothing really wrong here.. I might have picked a bit stronger sound with more bottom end for the pumping strings.. but it flows nicely.

most of the stuff I point out is of course just my opinion.. but overall a nice piece with some good melodies, and you hit the sad movie/horror vibe pretty good .

keep up the good work.. and if you don't mind, take a look at one of mine (the one named Creepy intro).