what you think about them? can people with short fingers play them too? good for price? good for hard rock, and metal? please let me know as im considering to get one.
they are amazing.
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THey are usually pretty good. Just dont get one of the little $200 and under ones they are pretty crappy.
i have one a special 2 and while low end i believe in the theory the even a crap guitar can be made great with a decent player and maybe some add-ons. i threw some emg's in mine and it sounds pretty good. its sound metal enough for metal but i can change some eq on my amp and get a good gain tone for g n' r and such. a capable guitarist can make any guitar sound amazing for anything
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Me too!
Well, personally i think they are the nicest, cool'est, most elegant rock guitars ever made!. They have this common rock-attitude, but still this spark of personallity.
To me, they represent the good old rock sound! The unique i-am-what-i-am-****-the-rest-of-you-attitude!
The look of it makes me think of huge stages with Guns N' Roses.. Led Zeppelin.. Aerosmith!
The sounds are smelling with sex, drugs n' rock'n'roll!
Dear God i love it!
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Sir, Awesome stuff. You have my respect!
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aw i love your song! sell it n' it would deffo be a smash!
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this is great. you've got the words!
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... Wauw... It really paints a picture and leaves the rest up to the imagination!
haha thanks but what do you think about the necks? really any difference in thickness than others? by the way i was probably going to get a les paul standard so those are like 420 should be nice quality. Also, if anyones had any experience with zzounds can you send back guitars thats youve used? ive had this one for a few days but i dont really like the look