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78 53%
46 32%
22 15%
Voters: 146.
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I don't, unless being pissed on counts.
Now it's 1984
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It's the suede denim secret police
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Twice in the morning, five times at night!

Seriously though, in the morgen, then I put a hat on so my hair doesn't look messy.
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go eat a hermanpherdite.
Wake up, shower, go to school.
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I shower in th morning and sometimes take a bath at night, but usually I take a shower at night too. Only cause I have to shave my head, and its easier for me to do it at night cause I dont have time in the morning.
Morning usually
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Night, because I'm too tired to do it in the morning on school days, and I don't wake up early enough.

But if I have the chance, I prefer it in the morning, though I hate sleeping dirty.
In the morning, you can get really stinky while you sleep.




Nighty Night keep your butthole tight
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In the morning and sometimes (rarely happens) in the night.
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friday afternoon
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I frekken hate showering in the morning.
When i do, i feel like i'm gonna turn into an ice cube

Night FTW!
Usually in the morning but sometimes at night if i feel disgusting.
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Morning, I don't feel right if I haven't had a proper full-body wash in the morning, and a shower is the only way to get it.
I usually shower when I wake up, which is around 1 or 2pm. If I have to wake up before 10am, I'll shower the night before to maximize sleep time.
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i usually shower 1 and a half times a day, because in the morning i just get my hair wet so that it will be presentable, then take a real shower at night.
I have no opinion on this matter.
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I frekken hate showering in the morning.
When i do, i feel like i'm gonna turn into an ice cube

Night FTW!

Use the hot water.
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go eat a hermanpherdite.
Sometimes both. I'll shower once I get home from work or a after a workout.
Night - hate sleeping while feeling dirty, just can't do it
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I take one in the morning. I put the water on hot, then as fast as I can turn it to freezing. I stand there for a minute, unable to move in a state of shock. Then I can officially say I'm awake

Then I usually take one at night.
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I dont understand why you would want to go have a shower in the morming, your all dirty before you go to sleep in your clean bed... Unless you do both, which is why its more efficient (how to spell that word i dunno) to shower at night.. imo

I shower every full moon...
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At night. How can you have a relaxing sleep when you're all dirty and sticky and whatnot?

How can you get a girlfriend when you have bed-head and smell like B.O.?

Always in the morning, night as well if I'm going out anywhere important. (Dates...ect.)
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How can you get a girlfriend when you have bed-head and smell like B.O.?


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go eat a hermanpherdite.
I usually do both. I shower in the morning to "wake" myself up and I shower at night to cleanse myself.
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night is bettar!

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