These are some of the first lyrics i've ever written.
The actual song is on my profile, it's an acoustic song.

Verse I

The aging sunlight fades away
Over miles and miles of dust
Forget the worries on your soul
Yield to no one, break the mould


Incoming skylights
Searching the fine lines
Underneath we realize
That all our soul’s are recognized
Seeing the wave drop from above
Reminds us all of the life we loved

Verse II

It seemed so carefully complete
Complexity built in so deep
Revealing only one by one
Concealing all that must be done


You tear and toss
Those times we’ve lost
Can’t bring them back,
And you can’t take them down

Lost in the ash
So far down the chute
Saving us now,
Is none but you
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cant i get anything? nobody ever comments when i post here. ive crited other people but i still get nothing.
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Very exquisite work. The song flows smoothly and without flaw, although it feels like theres a timing change in the chorus, and the bridge seems a bit short.
I would love to hear the song. I'm thinking that it sounds like an acoustic piece, but I'm sort of clueless
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the song is actually on my profile if you would like to hear it. Thank you for the compliment also. I was kind of upset when I did that last post, sorry.
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Yeah, I'm going to agree with metalanarchist.
It reads like an acoustic song to me, but I like the lyrics, good job man.
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