so im taking music philosophy and my last class in on thursday. the very first thing our professor asked us was "What is Music?", needless to say its been 10 weeks and we're still focused on that question. so, today i ask the pit monkeys. What is music?
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mu·sic /ˈmyuzɪk/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[myoo-zik] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
1. an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color.
2. the tones or sounds employed, occurring in single line (melody) or multiple lines (harmony), and sounded or to be sounded by one or more voices or instruments, or both.
3. musical work or compositions for singing or playing.
4. the written or printed score of a musical composition.
5. such scores collectively.
6. any sweet, pleasing, or harmonious sounds or sound: the music of the waves.
7. appreciation of or responsiveness to musical sounds or harmonies: Music was in his very soul.

anything you hear is music
talking is music
the useless noise is music
the world makes music
its just to peoples taste what is good music
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Music is a combination of ideas and emotion expressed with pitch, rhythm, tone, and dynamics.
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it's the art of creating something of from the heart translated in you playing a tune on a musical instrument.

that good??

just bull**** it (it makes teacher happy)
Some dude once said music is what feelings sound like. I pretty much agree with that. If music was just noise, then the sound of 50,000 toenails scraping on a chalkboard for 3 minutes would be a song I definitely don't want to hear (unless I feel like torturing myself that day).

One of my favorite bits of music philosophy is this theory by Pythagoras (of Pythagorean tuning):

Pythagoras believed in something called the harmony of the spheres. He believed that the planets and stars moved according to mathematical equations, which corresponded to musical notes and thus produced a symphony.
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Basically, music is any arrangement of notes. Provided, some arrangements sound much much better than others. Nonetheless, if it has notes, it's technically music.
My definition: the realization of autonomy through the use of sonic energy.

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Music is pretty awesome, if you ask me.
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