So on my lower strings (EAD strings), I get fret buzz at the attack of the note...any idea what could be causing this? Also, it happens when I strum/pick aggressively; however, when I am lightly strumming/picking, the fret buzz is not evident. bleh. Thanks.
no... it's not necessarily warped. it could just be the regular fret buzz from action being too low. my low E string is the only one that buzzes. it buzzes from about the 8th-12th fret. my neck is definitely not warped.
Sounds like insufficient neck relief. Changing to a heavier gauge string may solve the problem. If not, a truss rod adjustment and perhaps a set up on your guitar is in order.
could also be techniuque of your pick attack and you are vibrating them against frets only when played aggressively thus no buzz on finger picking.

to check neck relief capo 1 and push down on the fret where your neck meets the body and check the gap at fret 6 or 7 i like to use a .010 gauge string end for my guitar it fits just snug to make it smaller loosen truss rod larger tighten NOT saying your guitar needs this done but thats how you check and set it but no more than a quarter turn at a time capiche.

could also be a high fret or an (ibenez bump)