well, as every rock musician must know, there are so many bands/artists who has made songs, and put it on tapes and home recorded CD's, and that recordings never, NEVER, were released (like Nirvana, Weezer, Jimi Hendrix, Green Day, etc), and are so, so f*kin' hard to find that people gets tired about tryin' to find it and be heroes.

so, i'd like to know by means of every forum member, which are that bands who haves "Lost" master pieces??, and, what's their names??, and, how many they are??, and all that data, because i know everyone's got that passion, of lookin' for that lost and valuable material.

I was pretty intense about looking for Foo Fighters B-Sides a few years back... nothing was to hard to find though with some downloading and visiting a few boards...

if your looking for rare material and live bootlegs and stuff you'd be surprised how well random fan forums can work for you. I've found bootlegs of shows i've been to just by luck.
mmmm, i was pretty intense looking for The Vines, Sub Pop, Green Day, and other stuff, and it wasn't hard to find, but for Sub Pop demos. but there are a really hard to find stuff, as Weezer, Nirvana (that tracks that weren't released in "The Best of the Box"), The White Stripes and The Ramones. so, thnks fr the suggestion, i'll be looking for...
Did a ton of searching a while back for a few bands, mostly because there weren't very good discographies/songographies anywhere on the net.

Kind of Like Spitting
Texas is the Reason
The City on Film
The Hold Steady

I haven't updated them in ages, but at the point of making them they were about as complete as you could get. Still really proud of that Kind of Like Spitting one, took an insane amount of time.
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