Alright, i have 3 options on where to buy my Ibanez RG1570. they are:

Rich at Ibanez Rules: Great for the full set up and stuff, but the payment options are annoying and my paypal is still awaiting activation of the bank account.

My Uncle who owns a Store: Could probobly Do almost as Good, or even better set up than Rich and can get me the guitar a lot quicker, for cheaper (He Hooked me up with a PS3 The Christmas it Launched!)

Long & McQuade- Quickest Option since i can stock transfer it, overpriced probobly and set up is not included. rather not deal with them, but i dont really want to wait very long to get the guitar. Although the transfer may be slow

Where should i buy from? Rich is Most expensive, and uncle is probobly cheapest.
i would go with your uncle that way you know he is not goin to try and screw you over.
I always say "Dont mix business with Family"
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Uncle, simple.
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your uncle is your best bet.
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Your uncle... To eliminate any complication might get into the way of the transaction.
you don't need that guitar, just get a squier fat strat and slap some ****ty pickups on it
It's all about feel
ur uncle then ask him if it can be ur b-day present lols
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