Hey guys, this is a VERY rough recording of my band's first song, called "lowest level of hell." Despite its name, its actually a very calm song. The band's name is BlackSheep (its been done, I know. The name is set to change when our bassist and rhythm guitarist leave in July), and I am the lead guitarist. We've heard good things along with bad things. For the re-recorded album version, we will be doing the following: Turn up the drums, redo the harmonies, TUNE the lead guitar (lol), and turn the vox up a smidge. Thanks.

Link: www.myspace.com.blacksheepwi

(I think there are a few vids of doing covers live on here too. They were from our first gig, so they're a little rough, but constructive criticism on them would be much appreciated also. Thanks.)
In my opinion that much panning on instruments is not good at all. Slight panning is a good thing to try and differentiate sounds but that much seems unbalanced. I listened to it on my computer speakers and it sounded ok but when i moved to headphones the panning really affected how it sounded. The bass all the way to the left really almost pounded on that side of my head. The recording is very clean. The actual performance is good. The only problem was that panning when i went to the headphones.