Alright UGers, what do you think?

I'm not in the market for a new guitar because the guitars I have now aren't that bad. What I'm thinking is taking my one lower end guitar and totally making it over all awesome-like

It's an Epiphone G-310. The body is alder and I'd like to put in a Seymour Duncan JB/79 set into, as well as putting in a blank neck and possibly some new knobs. Is the possible and will it make the guitar that much better? I'm thinking it'll make it a lot more original, better sounding, and more playable.

I've seen these necks...are they any good?


Also, just how hard is putting in a new neck and tuners? I might put some grovers into that neck suggested there.

Your opinions are appreciated, thanks.
Check your scale length and make sure it will fit in the neck pocket. I believe the G-310 has a bolt-on neck, correct?
Sincerely, Chad.
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It might sound a little different. I tried it on one of my old basses that i got when i started (best 90$ I ever spent). It sounded a little better but since your not changing the body it shouldn't sound like a whole new guitar. I mean if it was like a single coil knock-off brand guitar and you changed it to some Seymour Duncan humbuckers it would sound completely different. But don't let me crush you dreams. I filled a junk hollow body bass that a friend let me have with that foam insulation and i got this interesting sound out of it. So have fun and experiment.
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Check your scale length and make sure it will fit in the neck pocket. I believe the G-310 has a bolt-on neck, correct?

Yes, the G-310 has a bolt-on neck. So if I get a neck of the same scale length, it should work nicely?
same scale and neck pocket width.

tuners are just a screw-in-screw-out type thing. just make sure you get 6-in-line tuners.
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Do you think it'd be worth it to put the SD's into the SG? Or would it be a waste of money?
i don't know anything (good nor bad) about those necks, but every one i looked at from that seller was a 25 1/2 inch scale (fender scale) and your guitar is 24 3/4, you'd have to move your bridge to a different spot, probably more worth it to find a different neck
The pickups are not a bad idea, sgould make a noticable difference in the sound of the guitar. Not a fan of that combo personally but maybe you know what you like, I find the JB too e way too bright and thin, maybe try a 59/59 combo instead?

The new neck, however, IS a waste of time/effort and money.. Don't bother doing that, it won't hardly make a difference to the guitar at all. Keep that money for a different project or something.
good luck getting that neck. i ordered one from them over a month ago and i'm still waiting for it. i'm giving them one more day and i'm filing a dispute on ebay and paypal.