A dear friend of mine has recently died, due to lightsaber-inflicted wounds, and i would like to take a moment to reflect over all the good times we spent together. Please, look at these pics, who knows, maybe you too knew him? But still, it is I who am the victim here. So...a little sympathy, PLEASE?

oh ani, powerthirsty as always!

and here he is unmasked

please do not report me, for i am very sad... AND, im my case, the death of my friend can be PROVEN.
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long hair is cool mate

haircuts are for people in concentration camp
That was win, but i still want to kill you.
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My nipples. WHAT ARE THEY FOR?!?!?!?!
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Put your penis in a raging hot fire, that should melt the bottle off
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4e574e57363g, despite your first post on a thread almost always being PWNT you kickass.
are you f*king kidding me?
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Ohhhh god..... This forum is the biggest bridge in the world, there are so many trolls under it. It would give fairy tales a run for their money...
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****, nah I've never got anything like that, I just get 'YOU'VE WON THE MOTHERFUUCKIN LOTTERY IN IREELAND SEND ME UR DETAILS N U GET 10 000 000 DOLLLAAZZ"

But I'm sure some paid hitman wouldn't email that, and would have better grammar
I have just officially lost faith in humanity.
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September 15 1991 - May 16 2008