so im changingmy electric guitar strings and i had a question. a friend of mine told me i had to wind it until i heard a sound like a snap and then to keep on winding. what i dont know is how many snaps do i have to hear. any help is greatly appreciated. thanks.
Uh, tune up to the string's pitch, mang.

You don't need to listen for audio cues aside from what note the string is ringing out. Have you got a tuner?
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the snap is usually from slack around the tuning peg, and when it keeps getting tight enough the slack should eventually get completly tight. Making this a general rule is stupid though... you tune your guitar until its the right pitch..
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there's no snap tune it to pitch and un tune it and tune it a few times and it will break it in and prevent snapage.
what they said, tune to pitch, if it snaps chances are, the string will snap.
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