hey guys, so lately i've been in search for really smooth tone when it comes to amps and gear and such

i was wondering if a ds-1 with the toned rolled off a bit and a very nice clean tone from an amp be good for such tones as eric johnson and john frusciante?

i wanna try and warp my own tone soon, but i wanna at least model it after those two main players for now because i want a smooth-ish kind of rock and jazz tone, so those two come to mind

what kind of stuff would you guys recommend? would this take a whole setup? or just a few pedals or a new amp here and there? fill me in!
Traynor YCV 50 or YCV 40 are smooth sounding amps...especially the 40. Fender amps also give you that smooth sound. Look into what Eric Johnson Used... http://guitargeek.com/rigview/588/
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You can get a smooth tone out of the DS1 by rolling the tone knob to minimum and setting the gain midway or higher, whatever suits you.