I'm wondering if anyone here has/has tried the most recent Seymour Duncan humbucker pickups or opinions on specs. I want opinions + thoughts.

First off, Blackouts. Yes, we've all been talking about Blackouts for a while now, but who has actually USED them?

Blackouts Metal. Apparently it's the LiveWires Metal 'bucker with a new preamp that has two different outputs, that can be hooked up to a miniswitch, can be used as a boost. Apparently, Seymour Duncan's highest output pickup.

P-Rails. Humbucker who's 2 coils consist of a P90 coil and a regular single coil coil, for the most versatile pickup around (although with a ****load of switching involved).

And lastly, the Alternative 8. Humbucker featuring an AlNiCo 8 bar magnet. For those who are unaware, alnico 8 is roughly a cross tonally of alnico 5 and ceramic magnets. Rated at 17.68k DC resistance.

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