is it possible to tune a 7 string guitar so that its in drop c AND at the same time in a tuning where i can play normal 7 string power chords in the dropped position. it sounds confusing but basically i play stuff in drop c on my 6 str and i was playing around and i lowered it a half step so that it was like a 7 string and i liked the sound and now i want to be able to play both on the same guitar without re-tuning it. if i buy a 7 string guitar could i do this?
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B-b tuning (6th-1st): B/E/A/D/F#/B/C

that tuning is Drop A, only the low A is a B instead. That is the tuning of 7-string guitars. What you were talking about, half a step down from Drop C, is Drop B tuning: B/F#/B/E/G#/C#

I would not recommend tuning a regular guitar to the tuning of a 7-string though, they really arent designed for that in which case you should buy a Baritone guitar like I did.

If what youre asking is if you can play in Drop C and B on a 7-string, the answer is no unless you buy a 7-string capo for it in which case you could be tuned to Drop B, but then put a capo on the 1st fret and be in Drop C.
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you could by going to drop G my friend. so on a 7 itd be G,C,g,c,f,a,d.
make sure to get a nice set of thicker strings or atleast a thicker 7th stirng so that low g isnt pure mud.
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