I have recently bought an amp. It says that you can play along with MP3 and CD players buy using the AUX jack, but I have nothing with can fit into my MP3 and the AUX jack.

Please help. What cable or input jack do I need to buy?

Thanks for you time!
Is your AUX input the same size as that of a normal MP3 players connector (3.5 mm, 1/8 inch), or is it the size of the connector of a guitar input (6.3 mm, 1/4 inch)?

If it's the smaller input, then simply get a cable with male 3.5 mm stereo connectors in each end.

If it has the bigger input, then you need either the same cable as above, but also a separate female 3.5mm to male 6.3 mm stereo adapter, or the opposite (that is, a male - male 6.3 mm stereo cable with 6.3 mm female to 3.5 mm male adapter). It is of course possible to get a cable with 3.5 mm in one end and 6.3 mm in the other, but these are rarer and more difficult to find on the shelf.

If you don't understand, then just tell the guy in the store what I wrote, it's a common cable. It'll cost a few EUR/USD/whatever currency.
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