so i'm kind of in need of a temporary amp i was going to use two stereo speakers (the kind with the clip in wire connectors) something as a power supply. and a mac laptop using garage band as a preamp/modeling unit

i know i can do this i just dont really know how. can anyone help me?

and what can i use as a power supply? i was thinking a stereo receiver.

any help would be great.
On my trip overseas I wasnt going to be able to have an amp for six weeks. I used the headphone jack on my micro recorder with L/R RCA jacks on the other of the cable to the input of a set of powered MP3 speakers. But worked just as well into the cd input on the back of my home stereo. Didnt sound the greatest but could hear myself.
*altoids tin amp*

Best mini amp EVAH.

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Quote by djszkoda
*altoids tin amp*

Best mini amp EVAH.

Just looked it up and, that is awesome!
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Is this Jay V? if so, whats up? it's derek. lol
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