I been playing guitar for about three years. My technique is very very good. I can shred and all, but when i improvise I just play all sorts of weird chords out of patterns, and stuff. But a friend of mines can shred improvise. How can I learn that.
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You stop being arrogant and learn some


geez a little harsh dont you think?
anyways yes, theory is the way to go. there are lessons on theory on ug but look around the web for some other ones.
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If you can shred then i assume you know scales? If not then try learning them and playing around with different keys. And yeah, theory would really help.
Any ideas on what to look for. All my improv is based on patterns. And it slows me down as i got to find the pattern first
when you learn scales in different keys you can find patterns. I think it'd be best to take a class this way you KNOW what youre doing.
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Shred improv is pretty rare. If you're wanting to go like Yngwie speed, what you have to do is just find a bunch of licks you like and whatnot and just mix them depending on what you're wanting and the key. Theory never hurts... If you don't know scales learn them. I'm assuming you know some scales, yes?
Just keep improvising and you'll get the hang of it. Try switching between two different pentatonic scales and then adding more once you get some nice sounds out of it, try trading off between solos with yourself.


Play a bit, pretend to swap to another person and continue one the licks/scales you play.
Yes. I know lots (well maybe not lots but like 6 or 7 in different positions) of scales. I know the pent, the major. And I also know a bunch of others I have made up while improvising which probably have a name already. However I can only improvise really slow stuff ala santana, and sometimes i go of key while findin the pattern. In other words i dont really know what im doing. So I want to fix that, and shed improve like MAB, or satriani, who can go realy fast, yet do all sorts of weird patterns.
practice, my son, practice!
just mess around ALOT with all different kinds of chords & scales,
you'll get the hang of it, but you just have to ''feel'' it.

tbh:... imo, some1 who can't improvise, sucks at playing the guitar. If you can improvise, play along with songs you've never heard before etc, THEN you are a real musician. Not when you just bash every tab you can find into your head.
I think you should spend some time making up patterns and licks as well as learning your scales everywhere. It should help you not get stuck when improvising.
How about just make it sound good to you. That's all. Don't fall to far into the Music Theory bull or you'll just learn to follow all the stupid rules and never learn how to think on your feet. Theory is called theory for a reason. There are absolutely no bounds with a guitar. You're only going to learn how everyone else likes to make there noise. Learn how to make your own kind of noise. Really mess around. You don't need anything but your ears to guide you in your own direction... Screw everybody else's idea of good music. Make your own idea of good music.
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I think someone is a little jealous...

TS, I suggest you get someone to teach you, I started learning improv about 4 months ago and I would say i'm pretty good at it now. My guitar teacher taught me a load of licks and stuff and different scale shapes.
I think that shredding kinda sucks. I think that if somebody who listens you shredding he thinks that you suck.

Improviseing and shredding doesn't work for me. Is it a good solo if you play the scales and patterns and licks as fast as you can? I think that a few fast licks can add the extra power to a solo and make it better, but only shredding, shredding, shredding is no good.

Just my opinion..
I agree with Hentsik. while the occasional sweep or what not is nice, too much is really annoying. to me anyway. when i started really improvising i just memorized some scales and played around with backing tracks. I'm not a shredder XD i just played random notes of that scale and after a while the notes came faster and things just sounded better.
To be honest i came into improvising out of the blue, it didn't plan to do it! But now I never stop!

You don't really learn to improvise, just learn your scales and your theory and it'll come to you sorta.
Once you know a scale extensively you'll be able to play on it however you wish.
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You stop being arrogant and learn some


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Well of course you could just play the notes robotically but that won't sound very good?

You need to actually feel what you are doing and figure out what you are resolving to. If you get stuck in patterns it's going to be pretty boring. Try coming up with a song or something or a chord progression and play along to it.
Get some soul. Stop shredding for a sec and look at people like SRV.