So I recently purchased an Epiphone Les Paul Studio, and it picked it up from UPS today. As I suspected, the guitar was out of tune. I hooked it up to my electronic tuner and started tuning each string to desired intonation (chose to start with standard E-e). I noticed, however, I get a lot of fret buzz from each string when I was in standard tuning. I tried adjusting the action at the bridge and re-tuning, however even with the tremolo all the way up, i got the same buzz. Now, when I hold the first fret on each string, the buzz is no longer there. There seems to be a very small amount of relief between the string and the first fret-marker, which may be the problem. Any ideas on what to try?
Sounds like your guitar's neck is slightly warped, so all you will have to do is adjust the truss rod accordingly. In case you don't know how to give it a search or just bring it to a shop or something depends on weather or not your comfortable with adjusting it.
Okay, so with the bridge all the way at the top of its stroke, the only string that is getting buzz anymore is the 6th string. You think this might affect the diagnosis any? or does it still sound like the neck? Possible gauge problem?
You rarely want the bridge raised all the way. sounds a lot like some neck issues. Just search it, or even check out the stickies in the guitar section and you will find instructions on how to adjust the neck, it's a simple and quick process that anyone can do if they are carefull not to do more than a half turn or so on the truss rod. The only risk of breaking the neck comes if it's warped in a strange way (and should be replaced anyway) or if you go absolutely nuts and turn the truss rod a few full rotations. Go read up on it