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carvin v3
8 73%
carvin legacy
3 27%
Voters: 11.
i'm debating between these two amps

i'm the only guitarist in my band, so i'm going to have to take care of both leads and rhythm, at the same time i need a good jazz tone, and recently just made a post about getting smooth tone for my playing

my idols are tom morello, john frusciante, eric johnson, bireli lagrene, matt bellamy, claudio sanchez, mike einziger, and guthrie govan

i know most of these guys arent that well known except for morello, frusciante, and bellamy due to the popularity of their bands, but if any one else knows these players, which amp would be a better choice?

I think that if it's between those two, it's pretty much a win win situation.

However I would go with the V3, as I have heard it is quite versatile. And with the listed players I think that's something you'd want.
i heard that the rhythm playing on the legacy sounds all muddy though
like open chords and just chords in general sound muddy rather than nicely defined
hm, versatility is quite important... question is, does the v3 lack at any points? because every review i've read seems to good to be true... is it really?
I've been using the V3 since September 07. It's a great amp. Does lots of sounds, but requires tweaking and little experimenting to get the tones dialed in.
Here's a fantastic forum for V3 Q and A...http://www.carvinbbs.com/viewforum.php?f=4

The only REAL issue is the lack of onboard reverb...if that's a big issue to you. Personally, I never knew how much I DONT need reverb since I've been playing without it.
I may get a Holy Grail just to see if I missed it at all )
Here's my input on those amps. The Legacy is THE lead players amp. It has the best cleans of any amp I've played to date. The lead channel is where it's at. It's very warm and gets smoother the more you crank it. It's not a high gain amp, it's more of a medium gain amp. There's plenty of gain on tap, but this is a very articulate amp. The Legacy isn't very forgiving. If you're a sloppy player, don't expect the Legacy to cover up for you. The person that said it's muddy obviously hasn't played the amp before. I've had the Legacy for about a year now. It's a very clean, articulate amp and by no means is muddy. This is one powerful amp and is very LOUD. I wouldn't recommend it if you aren't gigging. The combo is a big plus due to its option of being an open or closed back amp.

Since you will be playing both lead and rhythm, my vote goes for the V3. The Legacy is a phenomenal amp, but it's more of a lead players amp. It can do rhythm just fine, but that's where the V3 one ups the Legacy. The V3 has three channels, so you can use one for rhythm and one for leads. It's not as warm and smooth as the Legacy, but it's beefier and has more gain on tap.