Theres a contest going on in the 'contest forum'. but i strongly doubt that will take off, and i found this little exercise to be interesting, revealing, fun.... and ultimately pretty f*cking cool..

Check it out, let me know what you think.... i'll mix it down and apply processes tommorow but i just wanted to let this one out.
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Dude, it sounds good and all, but 5 min. is a bit long.....

maybe i need 5 minutes to say all i have to say with three notes....
Somewhat interesting, I mean, it gets a little repetetive at times, but I loved the part from 2:05-2:30-40. Definitely Psychadelic-ish, seems to have some sort of ambience that opens up into this plethora of sound (of three notes).

Pretty cool, though. Neat stuff.
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It actually goes through movements... A is with one note and two variations... then B is two notes and two variations and finally C which is all 3 notes (going back to A for one section) then finally to C and done.

thats why it takes 5 minutes....

edit: i can see where the idea of repetitive comes into play... but i figured for it to not sound "through composed" i would "reiterate" some of the steps ive taken to give the listener a sense of place...

:\ its really hard to do anything with 3 notes...
i was actually suprised man...i was expecting a 3 note song to be horrible..but this was actually bearable/decent it almost seemed like a techno song at some points ...you should take out the drum's and replace em with like techno kick's and speed it up..i can see it now ......you'd have some crazy cool trance on your hands
We have a similar song in my old band, except there are 4 note bits on guitar and everyone is in a different time signature.

I really like the progression between sections, also the way the left and right guitars work off one another throughout the song.

I can honestly say I didn't get bored.

Care to check out mine?
I love this thing dude! It's like techno meets physchadelic (I like the repetetiveness), so length isn't too bad for me. The only thing I don't get is it sounded like more than just 3 notes (even with variations), but that could just be my ear.
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wow dude way to think innovative. nice plan.
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that would be awesome if you saw it all the way through, good imagination

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Wow, lol i didnt expect the bump... Thanks for that guys

as for the track, ive actually changed the drums and tweaked the delay i was using on it a tad and am actually going to mix it... i have a bad habit of recording something, getting excited about it, and putting it out without giving it the proper care it needs :\

As for the notes, what you hear that might sound different is the use of the octaves... but im pretty sure i only use 3 notes at one point (in the last movement).

Speaking of techno, ive always wanted to get into breakbeat stuff, but i really dont know where to start or what software would be really ideal (i mean like samples and kicks and sounds) to get that authentic sound :\

Thanks for the listens guys.


The opening lick could be a lot tighter, i really dug the melody. But if you gave it the real attention it needs, even if it means over dubbing it would really stand out. It reminded me of this beatles tune.

You have a great voice for the genre that youre playing. Actually its a really ideal voice. im listening while i type... lol the echo on your voice (i saw that... ;D). Im hoping you re do this track with more attention to those details and the dynamics that i hear youre trying to achieve in turning things up and buildups and such.

Its worth polishing up man.