Alright so I'm a fairly new guitarist, I mean I know the parts of the guitar, and I know how to play the guitar, but I can tell there are a lot of amazing guitarist on this site, and I would like some advice,

How, in the hell, do you shred?

I've tried so hard to get it, and either my hands don't move fast enough, or I..just don't know, but being the fact I just got a new guitar, it'd be nice to be able to pick it up, and just go CRAZY on it, and have it sound amazing.

I signed up for lessons but it's every Saturday which I think is stupid, but any advice for me to practice over the week while I patiently wait for Saturday would be great.

(And for the record, as opposed to gamer forums, people here are much more polite =D)
lots of practice. practice all your scales (pentanic minor and the diatonic major/minor scales) with a metrenome at reasonable speeds (for instance, 8th notes at 80 bpm) at first. when you can play it cleanly, then you can start slowly speeding up the metrenome.

it's pretty important to play with alternate picking (down up down up) to get fast. but the biggest factor is lots of time and practice (i started a little more than a year and a half ago and i can play simple stuff cleanly at about 150 bpm now so that's a goal you can work towards )
Alright I'll work on that, but what about the fretting?I mean should I just fret random ones (that are close together) or should I actually try to get a good sound out of it?
play scales. you can do plain chromatic exercises, pentatonic, major/minor scale, etc. look around on the website there are lessons (i'm just too lazy to link to them).
See I've been searching all over for them, but all I can fine is videos of guys merely showing their "l337 skills whilst rockin on teh guitar"

..I added the l337 just to be a nerd.
Unless you practice all day, everyday for a year, you won't be able to shred that well.

I've only been playing for a year and two months but I can somewhat shred, I pretty much spent ALL of my time practicing and a bit of gaming/homework here and there.
like the guys above said, practice your scales. Now, once you mastered your scales, then shredding is just basically running through your scales REALLY fast, kinda, you can just start playing all the notes on the scale up and down, then maybe skipping a few here and doubling some others there, then, once you're comfortable enough with whatever scale you're using start incorporating stuff from other scales and modes and so on, just get creative with it.

and yes, you want to actually get some good sound out of it because if you just start fretting random shit wherever you feel like, your shredding is gonna sound like it, and the more you know what you're doing in the fretboard the better your music will sound
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Once a day everyday, my guitar has been in my hands and I have played some kind of song whether it be a random song or just random bends chords.

it may not be much but with this scales it's actually really helping.
and btw, don't expect to be playing freaking Eruption-level stuff within you're first two or three years of guitar, even if you practice for 5+ hours a day, if takes a LONG time to build the dexterity,speed and coordination to shred, so just give it time, do as much as you can, and it will all come to you naturally

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We play guitar.... we're automatically on top of the world.

Eruption just scares me,

To be honest, I just want to be able to play a solo here and there and be able to impress my friends and such.

I mean whats the point of owning a Faded special gibson SG, if i can't impress people with playing it?
Got the C major and A major scales down =D

this is fun cause I played them both, first slow then faster and faster and then with a sort of rhythm and it was better then anything i usually play