Is there a plugin that I can download that will allow me to download videos from youtube?

Perhaps I should broaden that, is there any way to download videos from youtube?

yes. I've got an add-on called video downloader. It downloads them as flv files, but there's a million converters out there.

here's the options they have on the mozilla website.

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just google it, I know for a fact that there's a way, I just don't remember what it is exactly; I remember watching a "how to" video about that somewhere, just can't remember where. Oh, well, you can probably find it in (ironically) youtube or something like that
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I dont use any addons. I use a program called Zilla Tube, its got a trial, but if you know how to search the interwebz.......
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google firefox like the previous poster said. I found it pretty easily and I love it. Now I have an icon that says "Download Video". I go to youtube (or other places , start the video, click the dowload button and voila, it saves the vid to whatever folder you want.