last saturday night i wenty to ozzy then on sunday I went to kiss and my ears are still ringing and it has been nearly 2 days.

Has this happened to you?

Did it go away?
Yeah, it goes away eventually. Don't think about it.
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It'll go away in another day or two max. Just wait it out.
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It's called tinitus mate. It goes away eventually but once it does you can never hear that particular pitch again.
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My ears are still ringing! Are my ears ****ed
Yes, your ears are fucked. But probably just a little. Damage like that is cumulative. It usually doesn't happen all at once.

Why are your ears still ringing? Your body is smarter than you are. It's reminding you to stop doing that shit, before you suffer permanent high frequency hearing loss.

Listen to your body. Buy some earplugs.

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Yeah thats what im hoping that my ears cant be stuffed in one gig coz it was kiss that made them ring. I've been to other giggs but not as loud as that with those fireworks. Sometimes i did getr ringing after listening to my ipod but it went away in like ten minutes.

By the way kiss and ozzy were sick. Zack Wylde through his guitar in the mosh at the end. I always wondered what wouyld happen and yeah there was a brawl over it.
wow your ears rang after listening to your ipod?

you're begging for deafness dude

A couple concerts are fine,

but constantly blasting earphones is what is gonna do it

Like he said, it's cumulative

don't worry about it unless it's happening alot