Ok so i've been attempting to learn these. I can apparently do pinch harmonics, But they dont seem to last long. Could this problem be the amp i'm using? I'm using that and the guitar has EMG 60 and 81 on them. So either i'm just doing this wrong or could the problem be amp related? Any advice? thanks
its your technique
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guess i'll just practice more with it, I can get it to squeal. but If i try to use the vibrato with it, it just dies out. thank ya.
you need to experiment with them alot. i can do them good on my guitar at home but i'll get onto the guitar at my school and i have trouble getting them. but thats because i haven't found the spots on it yet. you just need to practice and experiment
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Try digging under the string a little, like a scooping motion, my friend suggested that to me and ever since I can do them no problem.
Just hard practice, and take note.
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